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What the hell is NinjaCamp?

NinjaCamp started as a comic strip, changed into a video game development company, pivoted to a little bit of contract work then started reporting on video game conventions just before getting into rebuilding classic pinballs and arcades which turned the company into an operator of said pinball and arcade machines that required mods to be created and manufactured ensuring perfect performance and protection of the games. Don't forget, we also pionered kielbasa based gaming conventions and annual awards

If you can read that first sentance without loosing your mind, then you might know what NinjaCamp is...we're everything!

Like many small businesses, we try, fail, then try again. We'll do this forever as it is literally our motto. Actually I lied, we have no motto but it sounded cool when I typed it.

Anyway, if you landed here, it is most likely because of one of the tangents that lead to this company's existance. Thank you for your support and don't expect to see a lot of content on these pages :).