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Happy ho ho

NinjaCamp wishes you a merry Ninjamus and a happy Kielbasa.

Maybe if Ninja S isn't too busy feeding his ninja babies, then he'll draw you a slightly offensive Ninjamus picture?

One could only hope!

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Posting may or may not make you money

Well, as you may have noticed, I've tried hard to post at least one Ninja update per day for the last month. Peronally, I think I did a bang up job.

Basically I wanted to test the waters of lake Imablogger, and see if daily posts yeild traffic. Well, I won't keep you in suspense…it works. Aparently you can post whatever regurgitated, non-original bullshit you choose and your web traffic will climb. Oh, and it doesn't just go up by a few hits…I've noticed almost a 15% overall gain just for this month!

Why am I telling you about this? It is because this test lead me to a realization.

For you see, Ninja J and myself never set out to be reporters. As exciting as it is for us to play games and talk about games, our primary goal is and has always been to develop games! Don't get me wrong, I'd like to be invited to every BlizzCon, PAX, E3, CES, and KBX that will ever exist, but I think it is time I start to focus on the main objective.

I fucking hate growing up! If you assholes sweet Ninjas would simply buy our shirts or throw us money each time you laugh at something on the site, maybe then I could talk video games five times a week…but I guess it just doesn't work that way.

So, if you were hoping for a daily post, you might not get it. Rest assured, I'm spending all of my free-time making a game that will blow your fucking socks off!

Keep reading the site. In fact, just re-read it daily an click every ad you see. I'll have exciting news before long.
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Infinity Blade - Video Review

After just one hour of playtime, I can tell you that Epic/Chair hit it clean out of the park with this game. The game is simply fantastic! It really pushes the boundaries of what a mobile device can deliver.

I was going to give you a full write-up...but fuck it, why write it when I can video it?

So here it is, NinjaCamp's first (maybe last) video review:

Did you like that? Comments start below...I'm waiting.
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Little Big Wolfenstein 3D?

I guess the Little Big Planet 2 game designing, umm game, has a few tricks up it's sleeve. For one, you can make horribly unplayable looking recreations of classic 1990s games, as seen here:

For two, HOLY CRAP look at this box art!

Personally I prefer games where I play them, rather than design them. I guess I always assumed the latter was the developers job?

Granted, I think I'm alone here because Little Big Planet has been a fairly successful non-game for Sony's useless console. So, I guess, just keep shitting out level building engines. It's like doing half the work for twice the reward.

Go Sony!
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Sucked into the Clysm

Sorry for the lapse in posts my dear Ninjas, for I was sucked into the Clysm for a short while and simply couldn't get out! 

The short answer to the question "is World of Warcraft Cataclysm any good?" is yes. The long answer is maybe...

Right off the bat, I tend to think that leveling is a bit too quick. With less than a few hours of playtime, I'm sitting on the edge overlooking level 82. In my opinion, it should take a little longer…however I tend to forget that Blizzard is all about the end game. 

The new profession of archeology is simply fantastic! It isn't anything complex, but it is a very unique idea that works out to be pretty fun. I certainly hope it's rewards make it worth while. 

New instances are really pretty, however I can't help bit wonder why Blizzard decided to make them linear…like the classic ones. One of the best things they ever did was to make it so that you could quickly get out of an instance after finishing it, in Cataclysm that simply isn't the case. Instances now have teleporters like raids, but for some reason they don't have them after the final boss. This makes exiting the instance a real pain.  

Oh, and the "V key." I always play with enemy life bars visible (I don't know how you couldn't) but Blizzard really fucked up the latest UI for this. The life bars now slide around in a seizure inducing pattern. I had hoped that they would add the option to turn this off, but alas they did not. 

All in all, if you have ever considered playing World of Warcraft, now is the time to start. In it's sixth year, the game is better than it's ever been. 

If you are considering joint the ranks, look us up! The Kielbasa Squadron might just need your services!
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The waiting begins

Well, I'm here…Fry's Electronics, Tempe AZ. It's 10pm and there must be at least 40 people in line already! You would think that the end of this horrible, ass-smelling line resulted in a free trip to blowjob world, or possible thousands of dollars, but alas, it just ends with a copy of World of Warcraft Cataclysm (the Clysm).

I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE: 30 minutes down, line still smells like ass. Can't post pictures to the site cause something is fucked.

UPDATE: 60 minutes in. Probably 80 people in line now, including a guy in a full yellow body suit including his head. I think he is looking to fuck a banana.

UPDATE: 90 minutes in. I just remembered how much I fucking hate waiting. I'm not entirely sure why Blizzard doesn't just send some Collector's edition copies over to the NinjaCamp dojo. Who do we have to hump to get that working?

UPDATE: It's been almost two hours, the doors should be opening anytime now. I'm cold, I'm angry…maybe a little horny? I can't wait to get this shit and go home!

UPDATE: I got it, I'm going home. I'll tell you how it is later, I'm going to bed asap.
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Clysm Tonight!

It's almost here! Yet another expansion to the uber popular World of Warcraft.
Stay tuned to for real-time coverage of the Tempe Fry's Electronics release party.

I plan on posting pictures of neckbeards all night long!
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Welcome to the new World...of Warcraft

Ya, another WoW post...I know...but I have to! It's kind of a huge release so my Ninjas are going to want more info!

Blizzard released this video showing everyone what the World of Warcraft is going to look like after next week (December 7th). I, for one, plan on wasting spending some more time back in the virtual world...and I'm pretty sure I've got a train of loyal Kielbasa following me!
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8-bit DJ new favorite NES game.

If this shit during the Nintendo Entertainment System's rein, it would have been my favorite game for sure!

Although this isn't my favorite Ghostbuster's remix it is certainly awesome! Plus, who doesn't love Huey and the News?

Anyway, this game is out now...and it's free. So you should go and play it!

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It's time to buy some indie games!

As promised, Indie Game developers of all types have banded together to bring us the "Indie Games Winter Uprising" event. Personally, I couldn't be more exited!

Their trailer for the event features some fantastic looking games, all of which can be purchased for 80 to 400 Microsoft points (that's $1 to $5).

Check this bad boy out!

I may just have to create a new category for Indie specific games in the 2010 Golden Sausage Awards?