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WoW Cataclysm release date Announced!!!??

I'm thinking this is a sure fire sign that we should be expecting World of Warcraft's expansion pretty soon? A whole new "hopefully corrected" round of Amazon pre-order emails just went out...

[submitted for your sexual pleasure]
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The 1024th Time's the Charm

Hey guys, just want to let you know about a cool game my Batwing Brother turned me on to. It's called VVVVVV, and it's on Steam right now for both Mac and PC. It's only like 5$, you should grab it.

It's a cool platform style game that can only be controlled by the keyboard. Basically its a gravity game, you flip upside down at will avoiding spikes and other things. The catch is that it is VERY difficult. Thankfully dying doesn't screw you much, and thats good because as you can see from the screenshot I died over a thousand fucking times.

And this is in about 2 1/2 hours of playtime, which is all you need to beat this game.

The visuals are great, it's all throwback 8-bit NES looking stuff and that suits the playstyle pretty well, this one is all about nice tight gameplay. Sometimes the control can be a bit sucky because of the keyboard and the fact that you have to be so precise, but that's my only gripe. They also have some swanky electronic music.

Check it out, it is Kielbasa endorsed and will certainly get a vote from me for the Golden Sausage Awards early next year.

Comment with your screenshots, I want to see if any of you are better than me at this. This was my first run through, I could probably cut the deaths in half if I was insane enough to play through this again.

PS. Here's a video of an idiot playing the game so you can see it. Mute the sound, the guy is an asshat.
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If at first you don't succeed...

Annoy the piss out of people until they pay attention to you! At least that's what I always say. Guess what? It pays off in spades!

Not only is your premiere source for all things video-gamey, we're go'in BlizzCon 2010!

Honestly, it's not so much news that we're going to BlizzCon as it is that Blizzard invited us! Ya...that's right ninjas...we're a legitimate media outlet now.

A letter I received from Blizzard earlier today may have included such phrases as "able to provide your publication with 1 pass to this event", "We will be in contact" and "attending." I mean can you believe that? They said ATTENDING! Better yet, toward the bottom it says something about how Ninja S has a small sausage named "Bitey Wankenstein."

Anyway...stay tuned for our impending BlizzCon 2010 media attack. If you need to prep for BlizzCon, be sure to review our three day informational package.

BlizzCon Tutorial: Doing it WoW style
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Ignore me, I'm having a Halometroidvania-gasm over here

I know I've been failing at my posting duties lately, but holy shit! There are at least seven games I'm playing/reviewing for Golden Sausages!

This is some hard ass work…I'm going to need to get Numseh reviewing these bitches asap!