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More Glee stuff for the defenseless masses!

I thought I would take this opportunity (while Ninja F is away fraternizing with meatball-slinging Italian grandmothers) to go behind his back and post another Glee design. In addition, I am also launching Project Gleeinjitsuperawesome so get ready for a media assault the likes of which only NinjaCamp can mastermind! Just so everything is in one place, here are the three designs, and I've made them all clicky so click them.

Gleek - the general Glee worshipping tshirt. This is the one that got us on the Ellen Degeneres show last week.

Glist - Based off the recent Glist episode.

GaGa for Glee - Based off the recent Lady GaGa episode.

We will now return to gaming-related content, unless these sell really well. Then I will single-handedly change NinjaCamp to GirlCamp and start designing emo bunny shirts if that's what it takes. Daddy needs a new computer.
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Aren't we running a video game company?

Hey Ninjas! What the hell? I don't know if you noticed...but we've tried to sell NinjaCamp t-shirts, World of Warcraft t-shirts, Kielbasa t-shirts...hell even a St. Patties Day t-shirt and a kick-ass water bottle, but nothing works!

You supposed Ninjas wouldn't support NinjaCamp if I personally came to your house and kicked you in the sack, or respective cunt (that's for my English friend).

That's why I think it is time we take a different approach. Glee! Ya, I said it. Mother Fucking Fox's Glee! We know some of you watch it...heck, you might even like it. So we're pumping our our second non-official Glee t-shirt.

Suffice to say, I'm only configuring these in women's buy them like they are going out of style girls!

Are you on the Glist?
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10 hours of hell at 50,000 feet...

Ya, that's where I'll be in just over a week. You see, NinjaCamp is spreading it's wings in the old country, Italy! Where did you think sausage loving, video game ninjas came from?

I'm really looking forward to the trip, but not the 10 hour flight...ONE WAY!

In an effort to counter my "being trapped at 50,000 feet for 10 hours" anxiety, I decided to buy NinjaCamp's first iPad. Unfortunately, I made a horrible iPad related discovery this evening...YOU CAN'T FUCKING BUY ONE! The iPad is sold out!

Honestly, I don't know how I missed the memo. I read tech and video gaming blogs like their going out of style, yet not one of them mentioned that the iPad is unpurchaseable. (ya, that's a word now)

Imagine my surprise when I asked the Apple store employee for the 64GB version. It actually went something like this:

Ninja F: Could I please have a 64GB iPad?
Apple Douchbag: I'd love to get that for you, but I can't
Ninja F: Umm, why? Seriously, it's ok if your homo hands touch the box...
Apple Fucktard: Well sir, you see we are sold out. Would you like me to add your name to the list of asswipes who enjoy giving Apple $800 for three weeks of sitting with their thumbs up their asses?
Ninja F: Wow, no thanks. I'd rather stick my dick in a toaster.
Apple Dickboy: Well, that's why I pre-ordered mine. I knew they would be sold out...tehehe.
Ninja F: ...
Apple Deadman: gurgglleee....

Ya, so I killed him.

Anyway, FUCK! I have nothing to do on my 10+ hour flight. So I'm begging all of my Ninjas, tell me what I should play! Use the comments section...that so many of you apparently don't know exists...and give me some ideas.

All flight and no play makes Ninja F a dull boy!