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KielbasaCon 2010 all access tour!!

Holy balls! KBX 2010 is almost upon us!

I decided to make all of the non-attendees a pre-event, behind the scenes tour!

FUCKING A RIGHT I said 8lbs of Kielbasa! When you start measuring your food in poundage...shit is serious!
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What the people are saying...

Everyone loves KielbasaCon, and some of them even write in to tell us how excited they are!

So far the best comments:
  • We are ready to rock out with our meat out!
  • MMMMmmmmmmmmm... sausage.......
  • Nice sausage.
  • Is that a turd in a fedora? Is this TurdCon? I'm in for TurdCon 10.

We're looking forward to a great KBX!
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KBX 2010 - This is Meat!

It's official, the invitations have been sent, and Numseh is bathing the "basas" in the various virgin oils required by KielbasaCon lore.

If you didn't receive an invitation, it's most likely because you haven't honored us with your email address. You see that box in the top right-hand corner? Yeah...fucking fill it out!

Can't attend the festivities? Well maybe you can flaunt your sausage pride with some exclusive KBX X Gear!

Either way, we love our Ninjas and hope to see you there!
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Welcome to 2010!

2010, The Year of the Salami is finally upon us! All praise The Great Kielbasa!

OK, enough fucking around! It's time to get down to official business. The Golden Sausage Awards are almost here, and there's no time to be tenderizing your meat.

What are The Golden Sausages you ask? Well, they are only the most prestigious awards in all of gaming!

These awards, depicted here in Leonardo De Ninja's 1454 masterpiece "Dei tre Salsiccia," are the cornerstone of the video gaming industry.

You see, throughout the year we play every game we can get our filthy hands on. This enables us to contribute to the master list of game rankings. This list, written in giraffe blood, bathed in the juice of one thousand kielbasa and viewable by only NinjaCamp's Elite Opinion Clan is the definitive source of annual game ranking.

Other companies try to tell you "Blah are the best games of 2009...I'm so fucking great...My list is so correct." However they are sorely mistaken. For you see, our list is BATHED IN THE JUICE OF ONE THOUSAND KIELBASA! (Suck on that IGN)

Anyway...this all-knowing, all-seeing, all-smelling list will spew forth NinjaCamp's Golden Sausage honorees for 2009!

Stayed tuned for this momentous occasion.