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Legions of angry fans!

Call me a red headed ninja slut! In the simple matter of two days, we've already signed up two...count them...two people for the Mountain Dew WoW promotion! I didn't even have to whore it out on Google, or Digg!

All I'm saying is that our fans are the greatest people in the whole fucking world...and everyone of the 12 unique hits we get per day has my personal invitation to KielbasaCon 2010 (KBXX for future reference).

Ninjas love you!
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Thirsting for Dew

The Kielbasa Squadron (our WoW raiding guild) has decided to support the Horde and Mountain Dew. Aparently the Dew is giving away a free in game pet for people who are addicted to completly useless bullshit (like us).

Be sure to keep up with The Kielbasa Squadron eventures over at
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We going BlizzCon...

Due to our exclusive relationship (which doesn't exist) with Blizzard Entertainment and our huge reputation in the gaming industry (which doesn't exist) we were given (paid for) tickets to BlizzCon 2009.

We look forward to providing our readers exclusive backstage (front stage) pictures and videos of BlizzCon 2009. Stay tuned to our blog (read this fucking thing every day regardless of content changes) for more information and maybe even some prize drawings!
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Competition makes me hard!

In an obvious attempt to stifle all current NinjaCamp game development, Blizzard Entertainment (or their more evil name ActivisionBlizzard) has announced Blizzcon tickets will go on sale May 16th for $125.00 each.

For those who don't know, Blizzcon is a blatant attempt to copy NinjaCamp's very own KielbasaCon. Granted, without the inclusion of sausage and ninjas...Blizzcon is a much lesser event.

Although we at NinjaCamp feel it's childish for Blizzard to compete directly with the NinjaCamp Games devision, we welcome the challenge and look forward to a day where we can all be friends.


NinjaCamp intends to be well represented at this year's fake KielbasaCon...I mean Blizzcon event. Stay tuned to this site for exclusive pictures and possible prizes!

That's right...I said possible!