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Skaven Army Box Unboxing - Sprues, etc

Hey peeps,

I just got the giant Skaven Box in the mail and thought I would do some unboxing shots, etc for those who want to know what's really included. I've taken a shot of the box, every sprue, and the manuals included. This is an absolutely AWESOME box. I'm really glad that they gave me all of the sprues for every unit, I will have an absolute TON of leftover bits for customization later. If you build the 2-part kits (the Plagueclaw Catapult / Warp Lightning Cannon and Screaming Bell / Plague Furnace) it should then be no problem to buy those few extra bits you need for it's counterpart online at a bitz store or eBay and finish that off too! Or, magnetize the things and swap when you play, which honestly sounds like a lot of work to me, but it might be fun to try.

Thanks Games Workshop, this was a great deal. And a special thanks to Miniature Market and their absolute sick online prices. Here are the pics, enjoy!

Box Shots

Sprues (Sorry for some of the crap quality)