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Channel Your Inner Unspeakable Being

From The Super Flash Bros comes "From Beyond", which offers a chance to toy with the very nature of time and space, and smash stuff on a stylized Earth.

Put together over a weekend by Catherine Unger and Tom & Adam Vian, it's a simple Flash game available at Armor Games and on the developers' site. It's aimed at anyone who has ever wanted to step into the shoes of a Lovecraftian other-worldy horror, and inflict a series of catastrophes onto the human race. This game provides such people with a healthier way to act out their dark fantasies. (And if you've ever seen Ninja F's Yog-Sothoth cosplay outfit, you'd know how wrong those fantasies can go. Think tentacles and the insane gibbering of a million broken souls. But mostly lots of tentacles.)

From Beyond is well designed with smooth controls and intuitive, logical physics. Surprisingly polished for a weekend project, From Beyond takes all of two or three minutes to play, but you can easily sink half an hour into it while trying to better your score.

Go give it a try at their site.