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Trying to beat WoW at it's own game

I guess I got sucked into the marketing, or the tentacle porn, but for some reason I decided I had to try the latest, greatest MMO from Trion Worlds, Rift.In under 5 minutes I was able to determine a few things. First, the game looks horrible. I expected it to blow my mind. Rather than being blown, it was more like non-blown. Graphical masterpiece it is not.

Second, watch this movie...if you don't laugh at the people being interviewed, you're not human.

Third, the game is a blatant copy of World of Warcraft. I guess at this point, you kind of need to be similar in order to try and compete in the vary valuable MMO market, but holy shit...I mean they aren't even trying to hide it. Every key on the keyboard is bound to the same exact feature as it is in WoW. I guess on the positive side, should you choose to leave WoW for this piece of garbage, you won't have to relearn your UI.

The spells and abilities trees are a direct copy from World of Warcraft with the exception that Rift provides about three times as many icons in the skill tree. I can only imagine that they will eventually trim that down just like Blizzard did when they realized how useless and annoying it actually is.

The UI is exactly the same as World of Warcraft. I'm actually stunned at how exact it is. Is it really that hard to come up with something new and inspired? Maybe someone should toss Ninja S and myself a few million...I think we could piss out something more impressive over a weekend.

Fourth, who gives a shit about this story? Really? So you're telling me I'm dead, cause my king went crazy and some bullshit Rift killed me with it's tentacle porn. Great. Okay, now what? Oh, some insanely stupid looking angle/god decides to revive me cause I'm strong...not cause I'm smart or just, explicitly cause I'm strong. Got it. Now I'm supposed to risk my new life fighting against the same shit that killed my ass in the first place? Are you fucking kidding me? If this exact sequence of events ever happens to me I'm going to tell the angle/god thing that she can go fuck herself. Or at the very least, turn my ass into an angle/god and let me go ape shit on things.

Remind me to never write a storyline where it starts off by you being resurrected you're lame old body, with no gear, or ass-kicking knowledge.

If you really want to compete with WoW you're going to have to lure me in by providing me a character that can shoot laser beams out of his ass while flying in a super car/boat/spaceship. Why would anyone want to drop their long time MMO for the promise of once again being a low level asshat with no skills or weapons? Ya...sounds great right?

OK, well that's enough ranting. I really should get back to coding our game. I can at least assure you the story is going to be something more exciting than the Rift craptacular.