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Champions Online Goes Free to Play

Champions Online's "Free-for-All" has gone live in the US and Europe. This update takes the super-heroic MMO to the free-to-play model, joining a growing list of titles like Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online. (Perks reserved for paying members, such as additional character slots, more costumes, character buffs, "Adventure Packs", and a per-diem of in-game currency.)

It remains to be seen how much this move will fend off the newly launched DC Universe Online, a head-to-head that's made more interesting by the fact that DCUO is not only subscription-based, but doesn't offer any sort of free trial. To up the ante, Cryptic has added in an extensive litany of patches designed to improve game-play and rework the UI. Cryptic's detailed break-out of all the changes can be found here, and a nice summary of main changes is over at Massively.

Currently my trusty PC (the 8-Bit Avenger) is chugging away on the download. As soon as I can dive in and try it out, I'll provide some first impressions on the update, and whether it looks like Cryptic can breathe new life into this franchise, or if they will just have a higher than normal number of 12 year olds making dick jokes.