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2010 Retro Revival

2010 Golden Sausage Awards

Underworlds Ultimate Edition
System: iPad | Release: 2010

Pixel Mine's Underworlds Ultimate Edition is about as retro as you can get on a modern system...and guess what? It's perfect! If you love dungeon crawling, Diablo style, D&D influenced games, Underworlds Ultimate Edition is right up your alley.

Underworlds original release on the iPhone didn't quite cut the mustard. The small screen and limited control space, simply felt too cramped and twitchy. It's the iPad that really let this franchise shine.

You play as a simple guard of McTavish's Traveling Caravan who will soon discover that life isn't as easy as he thought. As Hell starts leaking out and causing all sorts of trouble, you're forced to kick it's ass right back into place.

By hacking and slashing though dungeon after dungeon, players are gifted with all sorts of power-ups and items. Although the game lacks the significant character model updates, that I like so much in my RPGs, it remains very entertaining.

Underworlds Ultimate Edition has exactly the right formula to be honored with the Bronze Golden Sausage : Retro Revival.Pac-Man Championship Edition DX
System: XBOX 360, PLAYSTATION 3 | Release: 2010

I don't know how they do it, but Namco keeps packing more fun into this 30 year old title. Just when I had thought Pac-Man Championship Edition was about the best you could do with the aging game, Namco delivers yet another improvement on the original.

This time around, the ghosts aren't taking shit from anyone! Rather than just having the four standard ghosts, Pac-Man CE DX ups the ante by sending hundreds of ghosts to stop your evil yellow pie face. Players get to "kite" a ghost train around the entire level, waiting for the right time to strike. Oh, and when it's's time! Eating 200 ghosts in a row provides a pleasure that even my right hand isn't capable of producing.

In addition to the soul train, Pac-Man is now armed with bombs that can get him out of tricky situations. Couple that with a great Pac-techno soundtrack and you're in business.

As far as I know, Pac-Man CE DX is the definition of Retro Revival. That's why Pac-Man CE DX wins the Silver Golden Sausage : Retro Revival.Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
System: XBOX 360 | Release: 2010

Multi-player Castlevania? It's almost as if Konami reached into my 13 year old brain and pulled out a vision of what Castlevania should become.

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair ads an online, role-playing element to a title that was never destined for such greatness. With an ever evolving cast of characters and new castles coming ever couple of months, Harmony of Despair breaths new life into an aging classic.

Graphically, things stay about the same as Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Except, for the fact, that you can zoom out to a view that only modern HD TVs can handle, Harmony of Despair does little to advance the pixelated creatures of yore. Additionally, the gameplay is relatively untouched.

What really sets the game apart for it's ancestors is it's ability to incorporate six player co-op so elegantly. It's only once you play the game online that you can realize it's true magic.

With endless equipment and skill upgrades, the game is certain to keep you entertained for hours on end. That's why Castlevania: Harmony of Despair wins this year's Gold Golden Sausage : Retro Revival!