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2010 Game of the Year

2010 Golden Sausage Awards

Halo Reach
System: XBOX 360 | Release: 2010

Another year, another obligatory Halo title...but wait, this one is good! Building on the concepts outlined in Eric Nylund's excellent "Halo: The Fall of Reach" book, Bungie was able to hit it out of the park with their "last" Halo game.

Graphically, they've reached an all new high-point with visuals that are sure to knock your cock off. This is far and away one of the best looking Xbox 360 titles, along with being one of the most perfect. The game's level of polish is second to none when considering some of the other garbage I've seen this year. Bungie seems to really take their time, and make certain that their games don't fall to ugly clipping mistakes, and cheap 3d models.

The story, and acting are also treated with the same level of perfection. Like others in the series, this title does a great job of drawing you in and keeping you asking "what's next?"

Last but not least, Halo Reach provides a fantastic environment for infinite online play. Yet again Bungie one-upped everyone else in the industry by crafting a fantastic online community around their Halo series starting with the third installment. By utilizing their platform once again, gamers are treated to a near unlimited amount of real-time stats and performance tracking.

When you look at the package as a whole, you're clearly talking Sausage! That is why, Halo Reach is honored with the 2010 Bronze Golden Sausage : Game of the Year!

World of Warcraft : Cataclysm
System: PC,MAC | Release: 2010

What's left to be said about the most successful online gaming franchise of all time? Not a whole fact, simply reviewing the Cataclysm expansion wouldn't even do it justice. What I'm left with after searching for the greatest games of 2010 is the question "is it fun?" With that, I can answer spades.

The real challenge for Cataclysm was to keep the World of Warcraft ship sailing, not to re-design the whole vessel. However, rather than sitting at the top of their money pile and releasing yet another basic addon, Blizzard felt the need to rebuild the whole thing.

Cataclysm really works because it makes World of Warcraft new again. If you've ever considered playing the game, now is the time to start. It almost feels like the game has been given new life from every angle.

Thus, it's only fitting for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm to be honored with the Bronze Golden Sauasage : Game of the Year!

God of War III
System: PLAYSTATION 3 | Release: 2010

2010's golden boy had to be God of War III. Santa Monica Studios was firing on all cylinders when they green lighted this thing, and I couldn't be happier.

As with previous God of War titles, God of War III doesn't fall short on any of it's attributes. Graphically, it's probably the best PlayStation 3 game to date. Audibly, it's spectacular, rich with the sounds of bones snapping and tendons tearing. Oratorically, (ya, I just used that word) it continues the tradition of telling a great story using great voice acting.

My only gripe about the game is that it "ends" the series. At least until Santa Monica Studios once again needs to press the money button.

All in all, God of War III has a little something for everyone...except extremely religious people of course. That is why God of War III has been honored with the Gold Golden Sausage : Game of the Year.