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2010 Fresh Beef

2010 Golden Sausage Awards

Fruit Ninja
System: iOS | Release: 2010

Out of left field comes Fruit Ninja, Half Brick Studio's super successful iOS title. Last I checked, nobody was waiting for a game where your soul mission in life was to hack the living hell out of fruit, but Half Brick had a vision that certainly paid off.

In what I would consider one of the most fun, most polished iOS games, Fruit Ninja slashes into the mobile gaming market. What really helps to define the title is it's utter simplicity. Simply swipe your finger across flying fruit...brilliant!

You really can't explain the fruity fun, until you've tried it. The only negative about this game is the countless clones trying to muscle in on Half Brick's success. Just remember, the one you want is Fruit Ninja, the 2010 Bronze Golden Sausage : Fresh Beef winner!
League of Legends
System: PC | Release: 2010

League of Legends Is the full-scale follow up to the very popular Warcraft III mod, Defense of the Ancients. Unlike the traditional RTS that it was built on top of, League of Legends ditches the micro-management in lieu of a more simplified single hero system. This allows players to concentrate mostly on the fun aspect of the RTS game…the fighting.

Graphically, Riot Games has done an excellent job of both supporting older hardware and developing a colorful, fun look and feel.

Add in all sorts of power-ups, strategies, and heroes and you've got a fairly potent mix. The only thing that could make it better is free online play…which I has! Simply sign up and you can start playing your summoner right away!

Once you put it all together, you're looking at a shiny Silver Golden Sausage : Fresh Beef.

Super Meat Boy
System: XBOX 360, PC | Release: 2010

The 2010 Fresh Beef category couldn't possibly be complete without Super Meat Boy! Team Meat's gruelingly difficult platformer is as lovable as it is despicable.

The plot is simple...You're a fast moving meat pile trying to save your girlfriend (a bundle of bandages) from an evil fetus bent on world domination. You know...the whole, boy meets girl, girl meets meat, meat fights fetus story that's played out so frequently nowadays. Classic really.

Super Meat Boy pays homage to all eras of classic gaming, through interesting and twisted bonus levels along with tossing in a savory amount of popular indie game cameos.

Should you be looking for an excellent platformer, or a new reason to drill a hole in your head, I urge you to pick up a copy of Super Meat Boy the winner of the 2010 Gold Golden Sausage : Fresh Beef!