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The waiting begins

Well, I'm here…Fry's Electronics, Tempe AZ. It's 10pm and there must be at least 40 people in line already! You would think that the end of this horrible, ass-smelling line resulted in a free trip to blowjob world, or possible thousands of dollars, but alas, it just ends with a copy of World of Warcraft Cataclysm (the Clysm).

I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE: 30 minutes down, line still smells like ass. Can't post pictures to the site cause something is fucked.

UPDATE: 60 minutes in. Probably 80 people in line now, including a guy in a full yellow body suit including his head. I think he is looking to fuck a banana.

UPDATE: 90 minutes in. I just remembered how much I fucking hate waiting. I'm not entirely sure why Blizzard doesn't just send some Collector's edition copies over to the NinjaCamp dojo. Who do we have to hump to get that working?

UPDATE: It's been almost two hours, the doors should be opening anytime now. I'm cold, I'm angry…maybe a little horny? I can't wait to get this shit and go home!

UPDATE: I got it, I'm going home. I'll tell you how it is later, I'm going to bed asap.