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Turkey coma

I guess the turkey coma hasn't faded from the gaming industry yet because there is absolutely no worthwhile news to report.

The only thing I have to talk about is my recent quest for a new keyboard and mouse, which I'm sure my Ninjas don't really find all that interesting…but I'll rant about it anyway.

I can tell you that my existing peripherals suck, and I'm on the fence as to weather I can get something better. Here are the major problems: first, I like "bendy" keyboards. Typically the Microsoft curve is the style which best suits my nimble ninja fingers.

Unfortunately these keyboards suck for gaming. The key ghosting is horrible and the response rate isn't much better.

I could easily switch to any of the 50 or so gaming keyboards on the market to resolve my issues, however then I need to tolerate one of the non-ergonomic designs that the industry keeps pooping out. Yeah 20 year old concepts…assholes.

The mouse problem isn't much better than last year. I ended up buying the Microsoft SideWinder X8 because I liked the price and the wirelessness, but as of late it's only hitting about 70% of my clicks while playing World of Warcraft.

With Cataclysm on the horizon, I know I'm going to be spending some time back in the trenches, thus I'd like to have a mouse which works more often than not.

I guess I'll turn I over to my loyal Ninjas for advice. Tell us what your favorite tools for mass video game murder are. Maybe, if you are lucky, I'll honor your opinion and make the switch.