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Remember Hexen?

If you're an old ninja like me, you might remember a little Raven Software game called Hexen Beyond Heretic. Hell, you might even remember staying up all night playing it, with the lights out, and a bottle of jergens. (Yes, I get aroused by video games)'s now obvious that I wasn't the only ninja waiting for a sequel. The guys at did something I couldn't and actually worked really hard to create a follow-up using the idTech 4 engine (famous for Doom 3).

As you can see from the movie below, Hexen : Edge of Chaos looks to become a really decent follow-up to my old favorite.

Hopefully id or Raven Software don't decide to cut my excitement short by pulling a Chrono Trigger: Chrimson Echoes on it.

Either way, I will kill no less than ten pirates in your honor.