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Phoenix for iPhone

I just picked up a new iPhone game by the name of Phoenix. It's your basic top down space shooter, except that it never ends. In fact, the entire game is about top scores.

The engine behind the game produces a dynamic assortment of enemies and artificial intelligence. You truly never play the same game twice.

The enemies are a little repetitive, but the weapon upgrades certainly make up for that. It actually feels like your weapon changes with every item drop.

The controls are okay, but it can be difficult to dodge with your finger covering most of the ship. It would be ideal if the creators were to make the ship's cockpit (the only damageable part) extend beyond the bulk of your finger.

From the looks of it I think they are just testing the iOS market to see if this game is worth continued development. Even still, the game as it is, remains fun to play.

For .99 cents I can't help but recommend it.