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Honor in blogging

With this link, I can honestly say that our fellow bloggers have no honor.

Two days ago Blizzard Entertainment listed a few job postings for the Diablo 3 team, some of which included the term "console."

As we know, Blizzard has never officially ruled out console development. Furthermore, as stated during BlizzCon 2010, Blizzard will continue to explore new possibilities as they see fit.

Ya, old news right? Well not to These fucking no honor ass hats go and post an article titled "Diablo III Coming to Consoles." Really!? So you're telling me that it's now fair game for huge blog shops, that already make a tremendous amount of money, to derive explicit titles from fragmented keywords in job postings?

Oh well fuck...why stop there?

NinjaCamp Exclusive, Gears of War 4 will be in 3D! My cousin's brother's sister's alpaca said that Cliffy B watched a 3D movie the other day and liked it. Wait!! What's that? This just in...World of Warcraft's next expansion to feature a hand knitted poop sock! OMG, No fucking way! My dog just told me that the next Zelda game is going to feature a 20 minute rape scene!'s not that hard when you just pull "facts" out of your ass!

Come on You really need more web traffic? Can't bare to let the little guys get a stray hit every once in a while?

Well...guess what...NinjaCamp wants to fight you now! Maybe you didn't see how our fight with would have gone. You just got your name added to the death list! Nice job.