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Have you played League of Legends?

What the hell is League of Legends? Well, let me tell you. I had never even heard about this game until my good friend BobRossF over at Fight Guild talked me into downloading it this weekend.

Basically, from what I can tell it's kind of a follow-up to the super-successful Defense of The Ancients (DoTA) game. Using what appears to be the WarCraft 3 engine. League of Legends (LoL) puts you back into the familiar top down RTS scenario with one major fucking army management.

In fact, they've come up with a very elegant system which from my point of view, plays very much like Blizzard's own Diablo 3 PVP. Granted...LoL has a kind of tower defense wrapped in that helps to define the game even further.

Like any great game, it's easy to get started yet hard to master. Control wise, you're really only responsible for one hero, let's call him Billy Cracknugget? You just run Billy around an arena slaughtering people with your giant crack cleaver. All the while, bases on both sides of the arena are spawning crack defenders which defend your crack towers. The management of Mr. Cracknugget is made easy by the fact that their are only six possible buttons besides your mouse, and the rest is left up to personal strategy. The winners are the first team to smack down the enemies Crack House.

That pretty much describes the exact gameplay, except as far as I know there isn't any crack in the game.

You may be asking yourself, "How much is this going to cost me? But that's the fun part, it's FREE! Seriously...completely free. You don't even need to have Warcraft 3 installed. The game is completely stand alone. It uses a nice system of micro-transactions to fuel the economy and allow you to unlock some extra fun, but from what I've's completely optional.

With an insane amount of customization and experience gathering not to mention a full-fledged ladder competition featuring real money prizes, I'd think this game has quite a bit of shelf life. Not to mention there must be over 40 heroes to choose from!

Well, now that I'm obviously writing game reviews...I guess go play it or something. Tell Riot Games NinjaCamp sent you and maybe nothing will happen.