Read More Ninja Action!

It begins!

The voice just spoke!

I'll try to get as many picture as I can. Might have to post them afterward due to AT&Ts inability to handle 10 iPhones in the same room.

Update: Oh shit! Dekard Cain just spoke. Expecting Diablo 3 to be the focus. That confirms it I think.

Update: Lights down

Update: Showed a game montage. Gary Platner is speaking.

Update: Morhaime is out.

Announcement: Releasing custom Starcraf 2 games using the map editor. Sounds like totally different games using the existing engine.

He says they donated 1.1 mil to make-a-wish via the panderan pet.

Announcement: Releasing a new moonkin pet for charity. Auctioning off old server hardware? WTF.

Update: Making double rainbow jokes. Not very funny but I guess he is trying.

Update: Showing year highlights.

Update: Music is loud. My ears are hurting :)

Announcement: Cataclysm can be pre-ordered online from Blizzard. They are steaming it I guess.