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I got blisters on me fingers!

So, I downloaded Team Meat's new Super Meat Boy and holy shit it's hard. There's this "hardest platformer ever" craze going around the industry and I'd say Super Meat Boy is right up there.

I think I've logged about 2 hours of gameplay and my thumb looks like I held it on a belt sander. I haven't had thumb pain like this since I played Super Nintendo Street Fighter II for 24 hours straight!

The controls are nice and tight, and unlike most of these games you get to choose from a variety of unlock-able characters which all seem to have different styles of gameplay. I don't know, at this point I've unlocked three of them and I feel like that is about the most I'm ever going to get.Additionally they tossed in these cool throwback levels that act like you are playing inside of an NES or GameBoy. I also unlocked this negative world that is all jacked up and looks like a kill screen from a classic arcade.

All in all, I think Team Meat is the type of development duo I could grow to love, with the FAQ on their site saying things like...

Question: When is this coming out on PS3?
Answer: Never.

Question: Why should I pay for this? Its free on Newgrounds!
Answer: It's not the same game idiot, die in a carpet fire.

Question: Where is the level editor?
Answer: Maybe.

and their development philosophy being based on meat...I really think they are breaking into exciting new ground.