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Diablo 3

Metzen is coming out. He is going to tell us something about Diablo 3.

Metzen's words: Horde, Diablo, Alliance, Starcraft…He is building something up.

5th word: Acting like it's dirty…I think it's hero? It's Geek?

I guess he is going to show slides about how he is a Geek? This is odd.

Showing lots of geeky stuff. Transformers, D20, Conan, Thundercats, Batman, Matrix, Doom…still going. Lots of stuff I don't care to type.

Where is my Diablo 3 shit?

Announcement: The demon hunter. Last playable Diablo 3 Demon class.

Diablo 3 PVP arenas.

Wow, that's it? Umm. Kind of lame :(.

Showing the cataclysm trailer.

And it's done. WTF, that was nothing. Thought they might have something a lot more exciting.