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Diablo 3 Q&A | We asked the questions...

I had the pleasure to participate in a Diablo 3 Q&A session, and in true ninja fashion, I dominated the question asking.

Here's what happened:

How is the game structured? Does it follow the same "Act" mechanic as Diablo 1&2?
At this point, Blizzard hasn't quite decided. They have considered many different approaches including ideas taken from the super successful World of Warcraft.

How are you guys going to handle resistances, will that still be a big part of the game?
This will still be a big part of the game, but it's hard to say exactly how it's going to effect the play.

How many players will be able to play in one instance?
The game currently allows a 4 player max. This is not a technical limitation, it's a fun limitation. With more than 4 people the game starts to feel too crazy, and confusing.

Will Diablo 3 have addons?
In a word...No. They feel addons are not needed at this time.

What about Guilds? Will Diablo 3 have something that allows Clans and Guilds to form and communicate?
There haven't been any decisions made yet

What about the there some sort of center of trade across individual games?
They hate the way that players are forced to make unique instances in order to trade or sell items. This is a huge concern for Diablo 3, yet there is no current update about how this will work.

How do you play to keep the game balanced when dealing with PVE and PVP?
Diablo is a PVE focused game and will maintain being a PVE focused game. They will create entirely new skills/spells or balance existing skills/spells independent from PVE. They are well aware of the struggles that WoW has had with this, and will do everything they can to not repeat it.

Will the PVP zones be dynamic like the levels of Diablo 3?
At this point they are still testing how the game plays. The PVP arenas are built on top of the same engine as the actual game. It's entirely possible that the arenas may be dynamic but this has yet to be decided.

How far along is the development, is the game almost ready?
The game isn't ready until you're playing it (implying BETA). There is still a lot of work to be done, so don't expect it anytime soon. This is going to be a huge game and one of the most expensive Blizzard has ever produced. They want to make sure it's a great game before they push it out to the public.

What about the game's physical file size? Is it concerning to you that WoW has gotten to the point where it requires 20+ gigs?
They are very aware of this. Obviously they are testing streaming technologies with WoW and that will continue. Anything that the WoW team uses, the Diablo team will use if needed. This will save them a lot of effort and allow them to focus on developing a good game rather than worrying about file size.

Will there be a Cow Level?
In Diablo 2 there is an item called the chat gem which will actually answer your question. (No idea what this means by the way)

What about boss battles
Blizzard really likes Zelda as an example. They look to have a game where the bosses are a natural fit within the normal PVE game. They like how Zelda's bosses have logical phases.

What is the state of Runewords? Are they going to be as rare as in Diablo 2
Runes have been implemented in a completely new way. They now apply to skills and do not form runewords. The completely new crafting system will take the place of runewords.

What about Diablo 3 on consoles? Is it going to happen?
Blizzard is a game company, they will continue to make whatever great games on whatever great hardware they can. There is no current plan to create, or NOT create console games.