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NinjaCamp Special Edition StarCraft 2 Map!

In honor of the biggest PC game launch since Oregon Trail, I thought I might try my hand in developing an epic StarCraft 2 map. Frankly, the results were amazing!

I'm convinced that I've broken new ground and developed something even more revolutionary than "Defense of the Ancients." My new map will forever change the face of real-time strategy games. In fact, I'm pretty sure this baby's finally going to launch NinjaCamp into the limelight!

You see, players start with a single base from each race. This allows you to select from any offensive or defensive unit available in the game today. Additionally there are a wealth of mineral nodes and gas geysers to keep you fueled during this long and hard battle.

The next thing you will notice is the dense and unkempt thicket surrounding each base. The goal here is not to whack away at the bush, but rather use the thick undergrowth to your advantage. This matted foliage serves two purposes, one protection from blitzkrieg style attacks and two, warmth.

It's only once you conquer the untamed wilds that you'll notice the start of something entirely different. At this point, the harsh landscape changes into something smoother and more serene. The real secret of this map lies in the amount of time you spend moving your troops back and forth over this sparse panorama.

Since the bulk of the map is so long and thin, you will find that it's an excellent place to practice your actions per minute. Maps like this take a lot of finger dexterity, so it's best you study up before trying to tackle something this challenging.

It's only once you've established your colony on the far end of the map that you will be able to appreciate this map's full prowess. By planting your flag right at the tip, you will have once and for all proven your worth among the StarCraft elite.

Don't bother thanking me...I already know...GREATEST MAP EVER!