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Michael Jackson's family is improving our games

Apparently the "estate" of the late "King of Pop" has called for PopCap Games to remove the Michael Jackson "likeness" from their "game" "Plants Vs. Zombies." Ummm....quotes "".

Personally, I support the Jackson's in this ridiculous logical quest. As you can see from my skillfully labeled picture, this is a real issue!

From what I can tell, PopCap maliciously conspired to make billions by being the first and only plant/zombie tower defense game with an exclusive Michael Jackson likeness. I mean come on! It's almost a fucking photo of the poor guy.

This was made even more clear when I discovered this early marketing image. Shame on you guys!

Last but certainly not least...don't think I didn't notice that your game released nearly two full months before the death of our savior hero. I'm sure you didn't have anything to do with that...did you?

I'm calling on my ninjas to join me in the Jackson Clan's mission to censor everything anywhere that looks anything like something that somehow related to my personal jesus MJ.

I took the liberty of altering the KielbasaCon 2010 image...

Please forgive us for our possible intent to make reference to the image of your beloved money pot family member who was a public figure and most likely did not hold trademarks on all human thought.

I promise to champion your quest and have his accomplishments wiped from all historical record.

Thanks Ninjas...I knew I could count on you!