Read More Ninja Action!

More Glee stuff for the defenseless masses!

I thought I would take this opportunity (while Ninja F is away fraternizing with meatball-slinging Italian grandmothers) to go behind his back and post another Glee design. In addition, I am also launching Project Gleeinjitsuperawesome so get ready for a media assault the likes of which only NinjaCamp can mastermind! Just so everything is in one place, here are the three designs, and I've made them all clicky so click them.

Gleek - the general Glee worshipping tshirt. This is the one that got us on the Ellen Degeneres show last week.

Glist - Based off the recent Glist episode.

GaGa for Glee - Based off the recent Lady GaGa episode.

We will now return to gaming-related content, unless these sell really well. Then I will single-handedly change NinjaCamp to GirlCamp and start designing emo bunny shirts if that's what it takes. Daddy needs a new computer.