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Aren't we running a video game company?

Hey Ninjas! What the hell? I don't know if you noticed...but we've tried to sell NinjaCamp t-shirts, World of Warcraft t-shirts, Kielbasa t-shirts...hell even a St. Patties Day t-shirt and a kick-ass water bottle, but nothing works!

You supposed Ninjas wouldn't support NinjaCamp if I personally came to your house and kicked you in the sack, or respective cunt (that's for my English friend).

That's why I think it is time we take a different approach. Glee! Ya, I said it. Mother Fucking Fox's Glee! We know some of you watch it...heck, you might even like it. So we're pumping our our second non-official Glee t-shirt.

Suffice to say, I'm only configuring these in women's buy them like they are going out of style girls!

Are you on the Glist?