Read More Ninja Action! has been sold! has been sold to Google for use as the URL for their latest venture, Pizza Delivery.

Apparently their new system calls for "pizza ninjas" to quickly and stealthfully deliver your pizza using their latest GBWPS (Global Brain Wave Posisitioning System) technology.

Beta users have declared the service "amazing," saying "The ninjas delivered my pizza so steathfully that it took me three days to realize it was on the kitchen counter" and "This pizza is so delicious! It was totally worth the lives of my dog and fiancé, who sadly parishes during the delivery."

Clearly the most amazing feature is that the pizza is free! Simply decide that you would like a pizza with the desired toppings, then Google's GBWPS will detect your thoughts and dispatch the pizza ninjas straight away. In exchange for the free pizza, you simply need to fill out an online form which gives Google's crack Ninja squad the ability to recover the cost of your pizza in bloodshed.

Ninja S and myself are super excited to bring you this news! Personally, I'm more than happy to stop writing for this shitty website that makes no money.