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2009 Va-Jay-Jay Prime

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Wii Sports Resort
Wii Sports Resort extends the original Wii Sports lineup by just enough to make it of great va-jay-jay interest. By adding simple and addictive games like Disc Golf and Sword Play, Wii Sports Resort does a nice job of attracting and entertaining the fairer sex.

The hardest part about getting the girls into this game is convincing them that they don't look stupid moving all around to try and keep up with the game (personal appearance is a huge part of va-jay-jay gaming). However, once you get them hooked on Wii Sports Resort, you've got yourself a fine contender for Bronze Golden Sausage : Va-Jay-Jay Prime.

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune
Va-Jay-Jay sidekicks welcome! Uncharted does a fantastic job of convincing your significant other/girlfriend that she's watching a movie and not playing a video game.

On top of that, the vaheena love to feel engaged in your manly activities. Uncharted produces the perfect environment for a dirty-couter sidekick. By simply running around aimlessly on a few of the puzzles and listening to her suggestions on where you should go or what lever you should pull, she'll feel like she's really contributing to your success.

Add in the fact that Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is a great game, and you're on the road to Silver Golden Sausage : Va-Jay-Jay Prime.

New Super Mario Brothers Wii
The ultimate va-jay-jay game must keep them engaged for as long as it takes for you to finish it. That is where New Super Mario Brothers Wii excels!

New Super Mario Brothers Wii lures the poontang using it's cute two-dimensional graphics and familiar gameplay. By bringing back the traditional Super Mario Brothers style, most women (35 and younger) feel right at home playing a game that their brother or boy friend had as a child. To further increase their comfort, Nintendo did a great job of introducing a new mechanic...the bubble. By allowing our girly friends to tap one button at any time and go immune to all damage, they can continue to play without having to brave the "hard parts." Even better, I've found that you can sometimes achieve the more difficult goals by using your lady as the "anchor." You simply say "stand right there and don't move" while you dive off a cliff into some coins and bubble right before death. It makes for a very fun and cooperative experience.

Keeping with the simplistic theme, there are infinite continues with little or no punishment for utilizing them. This even made the game fun for my girl and her three friends, who were simply terrible! All together New Super Mario Brothers Wii can keep some of the worst gamers I've ever seen occupied for at least two hours, and that's good enough for me to award the Golden Sausage : Va-Jay-Jay Prime.