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2009 Retro Revival

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MegaMan 9
I'm pretty sure this game is the most literal incarnation of "Retro Revival" I've ever seen!

Capcom went all out on this one. By developing a modern game using the exact same look and feel as it's classic NES ancestors, Capcom has helped to bring new life to an aging series. They even took a few minutes to generate some horrific box art...kudos!

The game itself, plays much like the classic "MegaMen" of yore. The controls feel crappy, and the difficulty is through the roof compared with modern games. Normally this would cause us to devalue the title, but in this case it works out perfectly. To help keep the part of the current generation, they've added some nice downloadable content as well.

I think their new motto should be "If it isn't broke...fuck that...let's just sell Nintendo games again." That's why MegaMan 9 receives the Bronze Golden Sausage : Retro Revival.

Bionic Commando Rearmed
I love Bionic Commando Rearmed! The people at GRIN took a classic game and gave it a completely new existence in the modern world.

Graphically, it's perfect. GRIN's decision to use full 3d in a 2d perspective really makes the game shine. To date, I've seen quite a few developers copy this style.

The sound and sound effects are a treat to any die hard NES Bionic Commando fans. Using a hybrid between modern effects and midi sounds over two decades old, GRIN succeeded in delivering a perfect remake.

The game surpasses it's ancestors by adding a whole new challenge area. Here, players are able to test their skills against the entire world using an online ranking system.

Bundle all of these features under a reasonable price and you've got yourself a Silver Golden Sausage : Retro Revival.

Street Fighter IV
To be totally honest, I like my fighting games violent. I mean, if I can't pull off a limb and beat you with it, the game isn't worth playing in my opinion. I think that is why I was so surprised by Street Fighter IV.

Street Fighter IV comes into the ring swinging. Deciding to buck the trend of modern 3d fighters and go back to a 2d style, Street Fighter IV is able to nearly perfect the classic "fighter" formula.

Visually the game stands out, using lots of vibrant colors and taking full advantage of modern HDTV real-estate. The art direction and style is fantastic, except for the fact that Chun Li has two ham hocks for thighs (which I kind of like).

The controls feel tighter and more modern yet the game plays much like it's older siblings. They've done a very nice job of improving edge detection and making it feel like your hits are really connecting with your attacks. I have yet to find that magic move where I can crouch in the corner and kick at 200 miles per hour until someone walks into the fray.

The online fighting seems smooth, with little or no lag, however I wouldn't really know since EVERYONE will kick your ass at this game. I can't remember a game where I lost more frequently...Oh yeah, STARCRAFT!

In a nutshell, that is why Street Fighter IV wins the Golden Sausage : Retro Revival!