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2009 Game of the Year

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Muramasa: The Demon Blade
One word...pretty. This game is gorgeous! From the elegantly layered backgrounds, to the animations performed by the enemies and player, the game just oozes happiness. Additionally, you have to merit the stereotypically Japanese attributes like, 10 minute eating sessions with beautify rendered items of food and Wooly Eyeballs for enemies.

Story wise, the game stays strong having two totally different but intersecting stories to go along with the two possible choices for your character. I wouldn't go so far as to call either story groundbreaking, but both are compelling enough that I put in my due diligence. Again...there's some weird Japanese shit going on here that just keeps you wondering.

It's the gameplay that's the real gem. The play-style is kind of what I'd imagine a 2009 version of NES Ninja Gaiden to be; however the game excels past the tried and true side scrolling brawler mechanic by adding in a unique multi-weapon concept. You are actually forced to maintain, and switch your primary weapon (in this case a sword) throughout battle. Couple that with some role playing features, and a huge variety of weapons and you've got a sure fire winner of the 2009 Bronze Golden Sausage : Game of the Year.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
I'm not even sure I need to provide a synopsis for this one as much as I have to debate why it's not the Golden Sausage game of the year. Yeah yeah...I know. It's amazing. Best game ever. You're a dick! I've heard it all before. My response? A Silver Golden Sausage is a treat! Infinity Ward should be more than happy that they've made the list!

Modern Warfare 2 picks up right where Modern Warfare left off...fucking awesome! Visually, MW2 blows past everything in it's class. From the smallest littered flyer on the ground to the ridiculous huge explosion that just ripped you to shreds, you'll be impressed.

The game-play and more importantly the pace of play rank right up there with great shooters like the Half Life and Halo series(s). The one unique thing about Modern Warfare series is that I rarely have any fucking idea who is shooting at me. Personally, I've never been to war, but I tend to imagine it feels a lot like that!

The online component to Modern Warfare 2 helps to give it a near infinite replay-ability. Other than the fact that you are 10,000 times worse than the 15 year old who's been teabagging you for half an hour, the online play is as near to perfect as you can get.

All together you're looking at a fantastic package easily worth sausage gold...well silver in this case. That's why Modern Warfare 2 takes home the 2009 Silver Golden Sausage : Game of the Year!

Batman: Arkham Asylum
In the video gaming world it's rare for one game to get so many things right, but Batman: Arkham Asylum does just that.

Arkham Asylum thrives on the dark and evil side of the Batman Universe best explored in comics like The Killing Joke and All Star Batman & Robin. Better yet, Rocksteady Studios takes it even further by using some fantastic voice talent which helps the game spew style.

Controlling Batman is as smooth as my second nut. This is one of the major successes of this game. The style they used for fighting allows you to both feel like a bad-mother, ass-kicking Batman, and actually honor your user input (yeah, I'm talking to you Assassin's Creed!) which is a total win win.

The story behind the game provides yet another nice surprise. There are tons of big budget games which draw their stories from rolls of used toilet paper, this is not one of them. Arkham Asylum gives you a fresh and compelling storyline with an exciting series of events.

All together, Batman: Arkham Asylum does an excellent job of immersing you into an alternate reality...where you're Batman...and your full-time job is kicking the shit out of people. For that reason alone, Batman Arkham Asylum is the 2009 Golden Sausage : Game of the Year!