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Blizzard loves NinjaCamp!

Actually, I don't really know that for a fact. I'm deriving it from the data I have in front of me. You see, at least 30% of our monthly traffic comes from Irvine, and Chris Metzen did take a picture holding our first ever paper based spam.

But the real reason I think they like tiny little NinjaCamp is the fact that they said I could have my way with StarCraft II screen shots and videos!

OK, so maybe I didn't read the non-disclosure agreement properly, and we've had permission the whole time...still!! Blizzard was kind enough to respond to our email request!

That means if you want it...I'll do my best to get it! Simply drop us a line in the comments below and tell us what you want to see. If you don't have any ideas, feel free to checkout the little gems I've already made.