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Lazy, Busy or Sick

I know our loyal followers are chomping at the bit for some fresh articles and our patented "super-biased opinions." However we have been combination busy, sick and lazy. Of course, now that Ninja S runs the show, I'll point out that this is all his fault!

Regardless, I did want to leave you with a quick update on what I'm currently playing. I got a little thing called Dante's Inferno and it''s fucking crazy.

I won't bother with a full review cause I'm currently sick and of course lazy. I will tell you that it is a decent game. A game which could have been fantastic if someone would have said "let's polish this thing up before advertising during the super bowl." Sadly, EA's motto: I don't give a shit about quality ruins any chance for Sausage Gold.

That said, I am enjoying it and it is doing a fine job of filling the gaping hole God of War least until next month.