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Peddling useless, virtual crap

It has finally come to pass, Blizzard has started pushing virtual crack directly from their online store!

As a mater of fact, NinjaCamp has obtained an exclusive image of the special edition, half of all proceeds benefit childhood erectile dysfunction, Onyxia pet!

Shameful! I wish I could properly express my rage! I mean...come on! How can you expect me to pay for intangible items? I work hard for my money, and I expect it to buy REAL things.

You know, like when I buy Little Big Planet Sackboy costumes. I actually own the...oh wait. Well...ok...what about that time when I bought all of those Xbox Dashboard skins...shit, scratch that. Oh...I've got one...what about all of those Social Security paycheck deductions...piss!

OK, so look...maybe this isn't really a new idea. But isn't it clear Blizzard is run by assholes just trying to make a quick buck?

I for one, say it's time to light up our torches and jump on the "Internet Outrage Wagon." We need to humble this company once and for all!

I'll be right there...I just need to finish purchasing these useless vanity items...