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Don's descent into DOOM

It is with great sadness that NinjaCamp must announce the passing of one of our favorite artists Don Ivan Punchatz.

Most known for designing the cover of the classic first person shooter DOOM, Don will be sorely missed.

His inspirational artwork set the stage for what was to become one of the biggest video games of all time. Yet, it didn't come easy. You see, Don didn't just shit out the perfect cover on his first attempt. Oh no, Don, like many great artists, had a slew of seldom mentioned concepts that didn't make the grade.

Working with little direction from id Software, Don struggled to produce what the game's directors really wanted.

For the first attempt, Don's focus was simply "Hell on Earth."

Unfortunately Don's personal "Hell on Earth" didn't quite convey the game's epic struggle between space marines and demons.

Refusing to give in, Don began to elaborate on some of the game's more intricate details.

Using symbolic weaponized broccoli, Don did his best to illustrate a feeling of terror with his updated design.

However to his surprise, the id Software executives started to question his direction. "Don, what the fuck is up with the demon animals?" they said.

But Don was determined! He knew what the people wanted, and he wouldn't rest until he succeeded.

Thinking hard...he began to envision the ultimate hellish experience. A man, alone, with nothing but a gun...being assaulted by thousands of angry firetrucks while Livin' on a Prayer loops endlessly inside of his brain.

Clearly the illustration of a talented genius, but the id executives still couldn't identify with his work.

About ready to throw up his hands, Don put forth his most concerted effort. This time he was destined to produce what we all know and love.

From the trendy short sleeve space suit, to the dog faced minions of hell, Don finally hit one out of the park.

For this, NinjaCamp honors Don Ivan Punchatz!