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Communicating with Classic Gaming

Asking someone to marry you using Super Mario World is both cute and brilliant. You're basically adding an extra peice of bacon to the fun sandwich.

Come to think of it, I think this could just change communication as we know it! What's better than tossing a few helpful reminders into our favorite games?

See...this is perfect! Not only do you get to play a great'll no longer forget that you need more milk. How can it get any better?

Oh, I have an idea! You've been searching high and low for a way to give your significant other that subtle hint...

This is the ideal way to get the message accross without causing any sort of ruckus.

But what if 70s bush is your thing? Well, you are sure to need this one...

Nothing says "I'm sorry I pooped in the dryer" like Racoon Mario!

This concept really starts to take flight when you have some bad news...

Now nobody will blame you for losing the baby. I mean, after a few hours of Contra they'll be saying "what baby?"

And what about breaking the news to your best friend?

A couple of beers later and you just might find yourself in a hot little three-way!

So, as you can see...this highly effective form of communication is truly a sign of things to come. I encourage all of you to go forth and spread the word...but don't forget your NES.