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The world needs more lego video games...

The world needs more Lego video I need a second hole in my cock! What the hell is going on with developers jumping on the Lego band wagon?

OK, Lego Star Wars was cute. Lego Indiana Jones...I guess that was a logical follow up? Lego Batman...hmmm, you're pushing it. Lego Harry Potter...OK, feel free to stop now. Lego Rock Band...please stop. Lego Mortal Kombat...come on, you just made that up! Lego Silent Hill...for fuck's sake!

In fact, I'm certain that by the year 2014 all new games will include Legos. This must be a political sneak attack on our video game rights!

Starting now, I'm begging my Ninjas to help to end this Lego uprising! In lieu of this horrifying wave of Lego games I suggest you start supporting my new line of My Little Pony games!

So far we've got My Little Star Wars, My Little 2001: A Space Odyssey and My Little Caligula. Pre-order now using the N-word sign up in the top right hand corner!

(actual ship date, development date, licensing, terms, price to be determined)