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Honoring the Dreamcast the ninja way

I know all of the "popular" video game media outlets choose to honor the Sega Dreamcast on 9.9.2009 (exactly ten years after release), but as you may have guessed, we're a little different.

You see, some of us had to work real jobs, for real survive...really! Ninja S and I couldn't afford to skip work and jaunt out to the local EB Games (now GameStop for you kiddies) and grab the system on a THURSDAY! Fucking slackers!!

No! We had to wait until Friday (one day late for those counting) to pick up our shiny tribute to Nippon...oh, but what a tribute it was!

Launch titles like Soul Calibur, Power Stone and Sonic Adventure helped to complete one of the best launches to date!

There wasn't any "I'm sorry, your fucking Wii is in another castle" bullshit either! When these puppies started rolling off the factory lines, they kept rolling! Using some secret voodoo business practice, Sega actually satisfied the demand right off the bat. Hell, EB Games even had my launch day t-shirt ready! (yes, I still have it)

Additionally, we shall not forget about the Dreamcast's unbelievable hacking potential. After one year on the market, the system was open wider than a thirty-cent hooker. Coupled with a CD burner and an internet connection, the Dreamcast was the definitive home console.

To this day I still have fond memories of that fantastic system. Ushering in the world of online console gaming–the Dreamcast was truly ahead of it's time.

I only hope the brilliant minds behind this product still sleep soundly atop a pile of cash and naked ladies (or men...we're not biased).