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Graphical limit has been reached (again...sigh)

Over the course of the last few years game developers have become increasingly whiny bitches. This is evidenced by the fact that there are non-stop press releases saying things like "cry cry...we can't make our game any better because of the platform."

Case in point: [CryCry], [CryCry More]

As you can tell by my "pre-slander", I think this is a bunch of shit! If anything, it's a marketing tactic. "My game is so badass...the system can't even play it!" Ya? Go fuck yourself!

Here's the deal: If you hired a half-assed development house to build you an NES game...right would be the best NES game to have ever existed. Why? Because of development technology. Things that NES developers struggled with, are no longer issues. With rich development languages, compression algorithms and existing frameworks it's damn near impossible to go backwards in terms of the system potential.

Case in point...Mega Man 9. Using the same basic engine as Mega Man 3, they were able to make a smoother, more graphically impressive gaming experience. Sure, it didn't release on the NES, but my bet is that the NES could run it.

So why are developers cry babies now? Who knows? Fast internet, big paychecks, hot wives...they've become accustom to the lives of rock stars. Granted, not all of them are spoiled. Just the ones I'm jealous of! Dicks!

So anyway, where do we go from here? Are our systems tapped? Should we cry about how games can never get better? NO! Best thing to do is to ignore bullshit like this, and stop fanboying it around the internet!