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Epic Metal Gear Epic: Peacewalker's epic four hour epic trailer is so epic!

Did I mention how epic this trailer is?

Here's the problem...I think Hideo Kojima wants to direct movies, not video games. I realized this whilst starting to nod off during the double super-epic story progression in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

It's ironic...when I was a kid I'd live to see that badass pre-rendered graphic or movie at the end of a game. Now that we've come full circle, I'm like get me back into the fucking game!

Don't get me wrong here; I love the story telling and nobody does it like Hideo and his crack team, but it's getting out of hand. When MGS4 ends with a 45 minute, oscar nominated video...I'm losing interest. Along with the fact that it's SO FUCKING EPIC! The fate of the world lies on every word that comes out of Snake's mouth! (even "the") They amp up the drama so much that I'm typically pissing down my leg or crying half-way through the opening. They might as well call snake Jesus and slap a Mel Gibson sticker on the box. point is...let's not get caried away with all this glitz and glamour. Review these games based on their gameplay and force developers to concentrate on the part I am paying for.