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Advertising evolution - the Sony way

Personally, I think the PS3 blows. I hate to be so blunt (I actually love being blunt), but let's face it...the system is horrible. Even die-hard fanboys have to admit, Sony tossed the ball out the window on this one.

That being said, I commend Sony for continuing to shove their shitty system down our throats. It's clear that they are working hard...and I like that. Let's examine shall we?

The first series of PlayStation 3 marketing was...ummm...well, completely fucking insane. Sony took this sort of "our system is your new Jesus" approach that mostly confused and scared the piss out of me. Exhibit A if you will:

I can say, in my lifetime, I have yet to buy a gaming console advertised using a demon baby. Unless you are knee-deep in a pile of crystal meth and feces...this ad just isn't going to make any sense.

Moving forward, Sony got off the pipe and decided to opt for something a bit more logical. The next series of commercials featured a whacked out, transforming PS3 (no doubt trying to capitalize on the Transformers movie) which would turn into crazy shit...then show you actual game play.

I quite liked these commercials. I mean, anytime my system turns into an octopus that has speaker arms and a dragons head...I'm intrigued.

But that still didn't quite slice the bologna. Sony needed a real winner to push their overpriced piece of garbage. Enter the comedy car-sales tactic.

Now we're talking! The first time I saw this...I laughed. I'll admit it. Does it make me want to buy the system? Absolutely not! But that's because I already know it is just horrible (FYI: I own one).

So, as you can see, Sony is putting a whole new shine on their $300 crapbox. It's hard to make it in this business (help a Ninja out) even if you are a monolythic gaming superpower. I mean, how the hell are you going to beat two Asian mobsters in a Wii-mobile telling random people "we would like to play?"