Read More Ninja Action! didn't want to fight...

Our not so elaborate ploy to fight at this year's Blizzcon didn't turn out so well.

I tried my damnedest to find someone from their universe, and give them a swift punch to the baby maker...but alas, I couldn't pull it off. It seems that when you've become a well respected video game review site (or WoW site in their case), you don't acknowledge challenges from tiny Ninjas.

On that note, will always fight you! No matter how big, and how reputable we become...we're always in the mood for a good fight.

Actually, I'll show you a quick video of how the smack would have been laid!

It doesn't look like you have a flash least I can't find it. I'd tell you to get one...or to go to sites like, but you know...I'm not the boss of you.