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Blizzcon Tutorial: Doing it WoW style - Day Two

Now that you've finished your dailies, tasted the melons and disposed of the worgen threat it is time to travel back to the town of Hotelezon and grind until you reach the maximum level.

Experience: 30pts
Start Point: Hotelezon
End Point: Hotelezon

Leehairy Loobawitze needs to speak with you about his newest magical concoction he's calling "leytecks." It seems this material can be shaped in many ways and provides light-weight, full-sensation protection from things that may ail you. You'll need to equip the special laytecks armor and use it to fight the terrible dragon Clamhivdia. Should you survive this challenge, Loobawitze will use his laytecks to armor all young adventurers.

Ninja Tips : No AIDS FTW!

Experience: 25pts
Start Point: Hotelezon
End Point: Hotelezon

Bhetty Babinips needs money to help her wounded mule. It seems he was involved in an unfortunate mule-ing accident whilst delivering fresh cut flowers to the Blizzcontoria old folks home. She mentioned that she could sharpen your axe in exchange for 10 gold. However, you're not sure if she is old enough to handle a full-grown orcs weapon. You'll need to consult Photoidicus The Wise to decide if Bhetty is ready to handle your axe.

Ninja Tips : Blizzcon is filled with kids...remember, 18+! Check IDs or go directly to jail.

Experience: 20pts
Start Point: Hotelezon
End Point: Hotelezon

Harrie Palmsin warns that this quest is not for the feint of heart. One must look deep inside one's self to find their innermost evil, then attack it head on. Harrie gives you a special salve to use during this challenge. He recommends going to the most secretive of locations and using the magic salve to summon your inner demon. Once summoned, you will need to beat the demon furiously until you have drained it's life force and returned to your normal self. Complete this task, and peace shall be your reward.

Ninja Tips : If you find yourself alone and bored it is best to just rent the hotel porn and go to town. I mean, one way or another you're getting some action right?

Thank you for attending's Blizzcon mini-series. I hope you heed our advice and make the most out of the upcoming con.

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