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What a time to start a video game company!

Let me just rehash my last 12 hours for you air conditioner failed, one of my water lines burst, my friends dog pissed on my carpet, and my cock got stuck in the toaster!

Normally that would be a regular Thursday, but then I get hit with a bombshell! "US Video Game sales sink in June, biggest drop in 9 years" Now that is just flat fucked up!

NinjaCamp is on the scene! The dream of dreams, the king of kielbasa, the best goddamn video game company in the world is here...and this is what I'm reading? People, don't scare me! I know times are tough, and we are all broke (trust me that AC unit was a $400 fix), but I implore some video games :).

We aren't even selling our game yet, but I still want people out there driving the industry. If indie games! I mean, have you ever even played World of Goo, Crayon Physics Deluxe or Braid? These are great games (Not as great as the super secret Ninja Death Crazy Game being developed by us) and you should get playing!

And for hell's sake...stop stealing them! A good game deserves a fair payment. Steal EA games or something. (For the sake of legal concerns please don't steal anything) That fucking monolithic company has been pumping buggy shit down our throats for years now!

In closing, send us some money!