Read More Ninja Action! brain

I spent the last 3 hours slaving away on our new website...and my brain is tired! I wish I could just push the magic "I'm finished" button and show all of you sexy readers the UI which will bring critical acclaim, but at this point it still looks quite assy.

I will however whet your pallets with a sneak peak into NinjaCamp release 1.0.8544347_salamiRoni.

Sneak peak
As you can clearly see, this site is going to be amazing. I mean, what is that? Is it blood? Is it mountains? Is it bloody mountains?? You will just have to wait and see!

In other news, we've created our first ever video tutorial! This sexy piece of work shows you how to complete the Argent Tournament Daily quests without sucking.

I actually used it, and I now suck considerably less. I have to thank McQoqenspiel for his excellent video and very calming narrating skills.

Keep your little eyes reading...and get ready to start shelling out money for our oncoming onslaught of shitty merchandise!