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Amazing moments in video-gaming history! (while pooping) Part: 2

And now for the exciting conclusion! Last we left Billy, he had become one with the icy throne...compelling stuff!

Part Two:
With a fiery roar I hear him burst forth. The pain is indescribeable. All I can make out is a solid white mask. The sounds and smells in this place are horrible now. My ears begin to bleed from the thunderous rumbles. I smell nothing but thick clouds of sulfur tainted death. I this it? Shall this be my end? I hear distant and disturbing laughter as my eyes begin to close.

NO! I must fight! This must be done! An instant burst of energy hits me and I am able to scramble to my feet. Ignoring the pain, I lunge forward whip in hand. The beast predicts my attack and quickly retaliates with a searing cloud of vapor. Much to my surprise, I am immune to this attack? Thinking fast, I lash out with my whip. It makes solid contact with the masked head of the beast.

With a loud crack, the mask pops off and splashes into the disgusting ooze which covers the floor. A breath a sigh of relief. A wave of calm blankets my body. I have fulfilled the prophecy. "Once again my town can live in peace."

I begin to unseat myself from the throne. Without a moments notice a shock wave rips through the room. Not only does it force me back to the throne, it greatly amplifies the surrounding candles. They now emit a great deal of heat and I can feel my armor beginning to scald my skin. I clamor to remove my grieves and plate mail.

Out of nowhere I hear a high-pitched squeal. "My God!" With a grumble in my stomach I hear this huge monster come forth. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO," I scream. "I thought you were finished!" Without warning the monster leaps forward. Black as night, and covered in a thick slime it lets out an angry roar. Again I begin to writhe in pain. It's all I can do to flail my whip wildly toward what appears to be it's head.

The monster grabs the tip of my whip and begins to pull me toward his mangled body with the greatest of ease. I quickly scan the floor for anything which will free me from this demon's grasp. A sparkle catches my eye. Tightly locked between the decaying fingers of one of the corpses I see some sort of bottle. As the beast lets out another incredible roar I reach out my left arm to retrieve the bottle. The blue bottle is adorned with many religious markings. "Holy Water!" I exclaim.

I quickly toss the bottle toward the beast. The demon releases yet another high-pitched squeal, this one clearly intended as a defensive maneuver. Centimeters before the bottle strikes it's face, it shatters. However, this time the monster would not be so lucky...for the fluid's momentum was still in tact. As the glass container fragments away, the fluid simply explodes all over the creature.

The beast recoils in pain. Moaning and screaming, it attempts to wipe the flesh searing water from it's eyes. During the struggle, my whip was freed from it's clutches. No time to spare, I lashed my whip around the monster's neck. With every ounce of my remaining strength, I pull tight.

The monster almost immediately falls to his knees. With his airway pinched, the strength leaves his body at an accelerated rate. As I tighten my grip, his body starts shrinking and changing back into what appears to be almost human. His attempts to remove the whip from around his throat begin to slow.

Now, on my feet, I prep my stance for the killing blow. With a quick yank, I remove this foul creatures head. Blood runs down the torso as the head falls into the muck. I recoil my whip as the body bursts into flames. "It is done."

With a quick flash, all of candles are extinguished. The door through which I came creeps open to reveal the light of dawn. I gather my armor. With a few quick pulls and snaps, I am ready to return to my town a great hero.

So then I wiped my ass, washed my hands and went back to work. I'm thinking maybe Kid Icarus next?