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So...about those reviews

FYI, if you're trying to start a gaming company and part of your plan includes reviewing current's hard! You would think an opinionated person such as myself would have little or no problem telling you just how bad a certain game is (cough...cough...Mortal Kombat vs DC). But it's actually quite difficult.

I'd love to log into and type a comical yet worth while review you...our legions of followers. Yet at the end of the day I end up with utter shit to say.

Before starting this company I figured, if hundreds of thousands of people would watch the completely un-funny, fast paced, Ben "Yahtzee" Fuckwad's two dollar animations...I won't have any problem keeping the gaming public entertained while writing our first game. Apparently it's not so easy.

But I digress, I mean...I'm not here to tell you how horrible Zero Punctuation is. Nor do I want to tell you about how all of the other big game review companies are owned by Nazi's...who eat brains. I'm just here know what...I am here to tell you all of that shit!

I heard that IGN kills babies, and Gamespot rapes grandmothers. Seriously, if I were you...I wouldn't read anything except for Consider yourself warned!

Also, stay tuned for our totally new site design and logo...absolutely no animals (ya, we know what you do Joystiq!) were harmed while developing it.