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Ninja Online!

Today marks the first day that resolves to this fantastic blog. I just want to say thank you to everyone who made this possible...thank you Ninja S. Everyone else...go fuck yourselves!

Ya, that's it's time to get angry! For nearly 10 years I've owned with the intent to turn it into a videogame powerhouse, but what has happened? O yes, copy-cats galore. All of you little bitches with blogs, merchandise, screen names and such have copied my grand idea. Now you are in for a surprise called "Trademark Infringement."

I own your ass! Even better, I've owned your asses before you even knew you had them...mwahahaha. Now pay-up or shut down, cause the crack NinjaCamp legal team will be beating down your door any day now!

Long live the REAL NinjaCamp!
- Ninja F